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Near-Mage is a narrative-heavy adventure game with a bit of role-playing DNA that aims to appeal to hardcore players of the genre and newcomers alike.

· Study spell crafting in the Transylvanian Institute for Magick as a mage-in-training: a Near-Mage;

· Experience a deep and engaging story that plays like an adventure game;

· Craft your own spell inventory, use it with different results in every play-through;

· Dozens of unique characters in and around the Institute for Magick - your spells change their lives for better or worse;

· Vampyres, pricolitch, moroi, strigoi, ghouls, shtima, and more mythical Romanian creatures to interact with;

· Over 80 lushly rendered environments hand-painted in glorious 4K resolution;

· Traditionally animated frame-by-frame;

· Darkly colorful atmosphere bolstered by meticulous on-location research of myths and folklore;

· Rich cinematic orchestral score (recorded with live instruments if stretch goal is reached); 

· Fully voiced by professional actors (if stretch goal is reached)

· Dozens of itemized outfits and hairstyles to customize your main character;

· Switch from pointing and clicking with your mouse to direct control via gamepad on the fly;

· A game about Transylvania made by Transylvanians!

Stuck In Attic is an independent game development studio based in Transylvania, Romania.